Please DO NOT phone this private practice number if you are enquiring about NHS treatment.  There is no one on this number who can help you!


Last update:  Friday 28th. August 2020


Appointments: 07803 421447


Welcome to the website of Dr Peter Venn and his team!




We no longer offer face to face appointments in the outpatient setting in the traditional way due to risk of cross infection from Covid-19.  However we are available for telephone consultations of 40 minutes (or 60 minutes for insomnia) for the standard fee as before.


We can also offer consultions by video link using ZOOM, with the added advantage that a partial examination of the airway (face, mouth and throat) is possible.  This is useful for patients with snoring and breathing difficulties in sleep who may be suitable for an orthodontic mandibular advancement splint rather than CPAP.  It can also strengthen the doctor patient relationship in patients with insomnia.


When booking an appointment, please advise if you would like a video or telephone consultation.


It is surprising what can be achieved with remote consultations; a full history can still be taken, with advice given about the best next step. 


Remote consultations have proved very beneficial, because we can help with sleep problems for patients from all over the UK (or even beyond!) using these technologies.  Just in the last month, we have helped patients from Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Birmingham.


Wherever you live, we can help!


Please email or ring to arrange an appointment.  We are still very much open for consultations and advice can still be given for all aspects of sleep - especially for sufferers from insomnia and breathing problems in sleep.


Please note that I do NOT advise on sleep problems in children.




Dr Peter Venn MBBS FRCA is a full time NHS Consultant Sleep Physician based in East Grinstead, West Sussex, UK.  He is also on the GMC Specialist Register (No: 2502779) as a fully trained Consultant Anaesthetist and has been in medical practice for just more than 40 years.


He has vast experience of treating patients with a variety of sleep disorders for over 25 years and holds the European Certificate in Sleep Medicine as an "Expert Somnologist".


He has recently retired from the Committee of the British Sleep Society and is a member of the European Sleep Research Society.


He works with a fully trained and qualified Sleep Physiologist, Karen Schofield RPSGT, who is an expert in Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) and Non Invasive Ventilation (NIV), and two Clinical Psychologists who undertake CBT for insomnia.


Conditions diagnosed and treated include:


Breathing disorders in sleep

Excessive daytime sleepiness due to a sleep disorder


Restless legs and periodic limb movements in sleep 

REM and non-REM parasomnias


We can carry out a full range of diagnostic investigations and treatments for sleep disorders in adults and late teenagers. 


Please see APPOINTMENTS for further information on available consultations.