Dr Peter Venn is the Clinical Director of the Sleep Disorder Centre at the Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, East Grinstead, West Sussex UK. He has enormous medical experience in both the treatment of sleep disorders and anaesthesia. More details are available in his biography.


He founded the Sleep Disorder Centre in 1992, now one of the largest centres of sleep medicine in the UK, with six consultants, 16 sleep physiologists and technicians, three psychotherapists, together with 14 further clerical and support staff.


The centre undertakes a full range of diagnostic investigations and treatments for sleep disorders in adults and teenagers. Over 14,000 patients have been treated successfully to date with Continuous Positive airway Pressure (CPAP) with a further 350 using Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV), whilst a further 2,000 have benefitted from orthodontics and surgery. The Centre comprises six inpatient bedrooms and three dedicated outpatient clinic rooms, with a further technicians clinic room and technical control room, administrative offices and a patient reception and waiting area.  Visit the photo gallery to see some pictures of the centre.


The centre serves patients from the South East of England and takes referrals from general practitioners and hospital specialists in Kent Surrey and Sussex, but much further afield for insomnia.



Dr Venn also holds clinics at Arundel Surgery, West Sussex