Private Referrals

The Centre is approved for the diagnosis and treatment of insured and self funding private patients. Most private health insurers recognise the centre and will cover fees for medical conditions relating to sleep. GPs and specialists may refer patients, but patients are welcome to ring to self refer (07803 421447).


Please note – if you self refer, we will inform your GP of any diagnosis or treatment that you undergo. We will not treat patients without informing their GP because this might interfere with future advice or treatment from your doctor and is therefore not ethical in our opinion.


Whilst accounts for diagnosis and treatment are sent directly to insurers for settlement, any shortfall on the policy is the responsibility of the patient. You are advised to check with your insurer their level of funding for any procedure that you agree to.


Private health insurers will not cover treatments for pure snoring and, therefore, it is necessary for patients to fund any treatment themselves.


Private health insurers do not normally cover the cost of purchase of a CPAP machine for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea.


NHS Referrals

To get referred with a sleep problem on the NHS, you should initially consult your GP who will advise you further. Your GP may suggest a referral to a specialist first (often in ENT surgery for snoring), or may suggest a referral straight to the Centre. Where your problem is one of difficulty sleeping, or ‘something funny’ that is happening in the night, for example, sleep walking or sleep talking, odd behaviour, movements whilst asleep, your GP may write to us for an opinion first and we will contact you to make an outpatient appointment to assess your problem and give advice. The NHS does not undertake treatment for complaints of snoring unless this is associated with disorder of breathing in sleep.