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The site is designed to give you information about our service with advice about common disorders of sleep explained in simple lay terms, together with tips to help you sleep better. It is designed to inform patients and members of the public, and is not an online textbook of medical sleep disorders.


What's new?

The clinic at Bognor War Memorial Hospital in West Sussex has now moved perminently to Arundel Surgery from February 2018 and will run twice per month with a technician clinic in tandem. Patients from Chichester through to Worthing have said that they appreciate being seen there without the need to travel to East Grinstead.   


The Centre has an ever increasing number of referrals. Latest data shows that we completed 7200 patient episodes in 2007, but have completed over 17,000 at the end of the financial year in 2017 - a staggering increase in workload. We are receiving over 3000 per year now. We are also in balance financially for the third year in succession, demonstrating that the centre is well managed and sustainable


Patients come from ever further afield, and over 14,000 are now treated with CPAP and NIV in the Centre, which is now regarded many GPs as the place to come for all sleep problems in the South East of England! We put about 25 new patients a week onto CPAP at the present time.


Staff numbers inevitably increase as the workload goes up, with more technicians and office staff employed for the benfit of our patients


Another colleague Dr Tania Ahern specialises in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia, and practices at Arundel Surgery both for the NHS and in private practice. Tania is a qualified GP with a diploma in CBT, and now specialises in this area of medicine.  Her website is available at and


If you are excessively sleepy in the daytime, snoring may be underlying it, and we can help. Please contact us for a private appointment by ringing 07803 421447 or by emailing us at  Please see your GP for an NHS referral.


Remember that I can help you with all other aspects of sleep as well, and not just with snoring or breathing disorders.  I specialise also in diagnosing insomnia, restless legs syndrome, parasomnias and in generally getting you a better nights sleep. 


Please contact us on 07803 421447 to arrange a private appointment.


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