Diagnose my Sleep Problem

Start by asking three questions, and answer them using the calculator below.


  1. What time do I go to bed on a typical night?
  2. What time do I get up for the day on a typical morning?


The difference between the two is your average total bedtime in hours (this includes any time out of bed in the middle of the night).


  1. How many hours per night do I spend asleep in total on a typical night?


Your sleep efficiency score is the time spent asleep (result from question 3) divided by the total time in bed (result from questions 1 and 2), multiplied by 100.


The next step is to calculate your Epworth Sleepiness Score.


You are now in a position to see what type of sleep disorder you may be suffering from. Look at the table below to see which of the four quadrants your Sleep Efficiency and Epworth Score result put you into. Listed in each quadrant are the most likely sleep problems for your group.