NHS Staff


Clinical staff

Consultants in Sleep Medicine
Dr Peter J Venn – Anaesthetist, Clinical Director
Dr Jonathan C Ratoff – Chest Physician
Professor Adrian Williams - Chest Physician

Dr Neil Munroe - Neurologist

Dr Deirdre O'Rourke

Dr Angus Nisbet - Neurologist - Honorary Consultant


Consultants in Associated Specialties
Miss Lindsay Winchester – Orthodontics
Mr Alex Cash – Orthodontics
Ms Sofia Ahmed – Orthodontics
Mr Kenneth J Sneddon – Maxillofacial Surgery


Clinical Psychotherapists
Patricia Bridgland
Andi Heaton
Sheila Lauren


Sleep Physiology Technicians
Meagan Whelan – Sleep Physiology Team Manager and Specialist in NIV
Karen Schofield – Sleep Physiology Deputy Team Manager RPSGT - Specialist in NIV
Shirley Humphrey –  outpatient CPAP Technician

Richard Knight RPSGT - lead for polysomnography
Slavka Chodovska - RPSGT

Karen Cottle - RPSGT
Sharon Checkley 

Sarah Harding 
Cathy Sharman

Blanca Carrillo de Paula - trainee sleep technologist

Rebeka Reeves - support sleep technician

Fiona Bravery - support sleep technician


*RPSGT - Registered PolySomnoGraphic Technologist



Administrative Staff


Colette Donelly – Department Manager
Helen Pearson – Team Leader


Jude Bell

Catherine Frantz
Nicki Garner

Caley Dove


Abbie Bomford

Bridget Byrne

Julie Martin
Lynn Molyneux

Christine Gatland


Administrative/Clinical Support staff
Pat Strong

Barbara McIntyre


Audit and Outcome Co-Ordinator
Jaqueline Packer